My Saint My Hero: Inspirational Jewelry

A group of savvy Los Angeles ladies have combined their love of fashion and faith to launch a line of eye-catching wearable blessings that already has a celebrity following.

My Saint My Hero  brings the elements of faith, hope, and purpose into every life with wearable blessings that have a story and meaning behind each piece and invoke a passion for prayer.

The line includes blessing bracelets, heirloom rosaries, and other prayer tools to help create a place of prayer in one’s heart, home, and workplace.

Each piece is handmade in the sacred town of Medjugorje  in Bosnia where thousands of pilgrims travel each year. The founders of My Saint My Hero believe their jewelry connects the wearer to those pilgrims and the sacred site’s energy and essence.

Sports reporter turned ballroom co-host Erin Andrews is the latest celebrity spotted wearing a blessing bracelet from. Other fans include:

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