Help American Idol Alumni Heather Cox Coe

Her name is Heather Cox Coe and you may remember her from season 5 of American Idol.

She dazzled with her great voice and fun-loving personality.

Heather has been diagnosed with a tumour deep inside her brain which has caused her severe pain, nausea, seizures and other complications.  As a young mother and wife, she has much to live for when the diagnosis says that the next steps in the progression of the tumour are coma and death.   Heather has located a surgeon in California who does the surgery endoscopically as traditional cranial surgery frequently leaves those who survive it with brain damage.  Her procedure is scheduled for October 22nd.

  • With financial support.  Heather has been hospitalized 18 times in the past 4 years due to this tumour and her family finances are depleted so that she cannot obtain a loan.  She must pay her surgeon $30,000  plus there hospital costs, travel expenses to the hospital and a host of other costs up and certainly doesn’t have the funds.  She and her husband Curtis have set up a funding page called Heather’s Hope at and donations can be made there.  No donation is too small and is greatly appreciated
  • By spreading word of Heather’s needs to your network of contacts.  Because of her fame from American Idol, we would ideally like to reach out to the media and ask them for their help.  If you have any contacts with the media, we’d love your assistance in getting Heather’s story to them.
  • By donating an item(s) to a fundraising auction.  With Heather’s surgery so close in time, we don’t have the opportunity to build any major fundraising events for her. Thus we are planning an on-line auction after her surgery to help pay down her medical expenses.  We would treasure any donation you may make of sports memorabilia or any other product or service which you may be involved with in a business.  The auction would run before Christmas with 100% of proceeds going directly to pay medical expenses

Please note that time is of the essence, both for Heather to have her surgery and for her family to raise funding.  Please visit a Facebook page set up to update followers on her condition as well as her and Curtis’ personal Facebook page .  You can see pictures of her 3 precious children on that site.


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