Blood Type Therapy, Batik Art, Muay Thai Boxing & More at Sri panwa, Phuket


At the beautiful resort in Phuket, Thailand, Sri panwa’s Cool Spa offers a bevy of treatments to reset the mind and body. The resort offers fitness classes to fit all guests’ exercise preferences, from private Muay Thai Chaiaya boxing lessons to sunrise yoga and tennis.



Part of the resort’s holistic wellness and revitalization offerings includes a peaceful tour through the resort’s lush grounds to see the vegetable and herb gardens, which are used for many of the kitchen’s dishes and fresh spa treatments. For those who wish to embark on a culinary journey, cooking classes are available to teach Thai, Japanese and Western recipes, which use locally sourced ingredients. Additionally, for some mental relaxation, Sri panwa has artists on property to teach Batik Art and porcelain painting who teach the techniques of painting and color blocking.




Sri panwa’s most unique wellness offering is Blood Type Therapy, which is a special menu for guests that is broken down by blood type and lists their digestive system tendencies, personality traits (both pros and cons), as well as illnesses each type is at risk for and illnesses each is highly unlikely to contract.

Additionally, the menu includes information on the skin type associated with each blood type as well as foods and herbs that are beneficial to each. Spa treatments have been thoughtfully curated specific to each blood type, including scrubs, body masks and massages. Spa specialists are on-hand to discuss each type and treatment options with guests.

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