Book Review: The Appetite Solution by Dr. Joseph J. Coletta

Time and time again, we’ve been told that diet + exercise = weight loss.

But time and time again, we’ve also seen some of the highest profile public figures with all the resources in the world at their fingertips continue to struggle with losing weight.

“Diet and exercise need to be de-coupled and implemented at the right respective times to make weight loss not only less difficult to achieve, but easier to sustain,” says intentionally recognized surgeon Joseph J. Colella, MD , author of the APPETITE SOLUTION: Achieve the Metabolism of a Teenager and Never Be Hungry Again. Dr. Joe Colella reveals his plan for transforming our appetites, end cravings, and breaking free from the feelings of hunger that prevent us from losing weight.

In his book, Dr. Colella addresses why people who need to lose excess weight often feel ravenously hungry; the biochemical role that stress plays in gaining and retaining extra weight; how exercise can influence weight in short order; and the foods that disrupt our metabolism and cause weight gain.  He also presents his “Appetite Scale,” which identifies the foods that cause the most inflammation within the body–a condition that leads to continuous weight gain and spikes one’s hunger—and instructs readers how to avoid inflammatory foods or pair them with foods that are lower on the Appetite Scale.

Dr. Colella also discusses subjects in his book like:

  • “Why am I always so hungry?” The calorie trap, the metabolism mystery and secret sugar saboteurs
  • The 6-week appetite solution – eating your fill for the next 6 weeks, and the meal, exercise and fitness plan solutions that work for your body
  • Hungry no more – solutions for every situation, appetite pitfalls, pushing past plateaus and rocking the metabolism of a teenager
  • Delicious recipes to keep your hunger at bay and your metabolism fired up

Controlling appetite is the key to sustained weight loss, and Dr. Colella’s plan aims directly at driving your body into shedding weight in a natural way that is sustainable for the long-term. Whether you have 10, 20, 50, or 100 pounds to lose, THE APPETITE SOLUTION helps you easily reduce your size while you get healthy once and for all.


For more information: The Appetite Solution: Lose Weight Effortlessly and Never Be Hungry Again