Eco-Friendly Baby Shoes by PB & J Threads


PB&J Threads is an eco-friendly soft soled shoe brand. Their leather moccasins are made from recycled or scrap leather to help sustain our environment. They are looking to raise $5,000 to launch. This will help:

  • Hire help to manufacture shoes on a larger scale. All manufacturing will take place in the US.

  • Pay to attend the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas in August. MAGIC is the largest fashion trade show in the world. Attending, will be some of the hottest brands as well as buyers from big name retailers.

  • Pay for new packaging, technology and supplies.

  • All levels of donations are also matched with awesome rewards! Take a look and see how you can get your hands on shoes from our new line before they are released on our website, as well as one of a kind, hand crafted gifts.