Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands You Must Try


It appears that finally everyone around the world including government officials and citizens, are waking up from their deep apathetic slumber and are taking cognizance of the fact that global climate change is not a fairy tale and the deleterious effects of spiraling pollution simply cannot be ignored. We can only thank the scientists and environmentalists whose constant admonition has resulted in multifarious institutions, brands and governments adopting the go-green policy including eco-friendly products that have the potential to help stall the ever-growing levels of toxic chemical waste. To that end, today there is no dearth of eco-friendly beauty brands that promote their cruelty-free, nature-friendly products that would make any eco-friendly beauty junkie, scream in delight.
Here’s a list of one the best eco-friendly makeup brands that you can try and thus, contribute to healthy beauty:

RMS Beauty

If it was not for the toxic level of metals and chemicals in her blood, Rose-Marie Swift would not have launched RMS Beauty – a popular line of eco-friendly beauty products. Rose-Marie was once horrified to learn that the main reason for her blood toxicity were day-to-day beauty products which she used so often. To fix this, she started her own line of organic beauty products to help women look beautiful naturally. Rose-Marie’s products which consist of makeup foundations, moisturizers, eye-polish, mascaras, beauty oils, raw coconut creams and lip/skin balms are universally acclaimed and are the top favorites among celebrities.


Josie Maran

The lack of sophisticated eco-friendly beauty products prompted Josie Maran, (an entrepreneur & model) to create her own cluster of natural products which are non-toxic, gentle and environmental-friendly. Argan oil which is produced from Argania spinosa L (argan tree) is the main constituent in many of Josie’s products. She stumbled across Argan oil in South Africa – thanks to a woman who was 70 years old, but in fact looked as though she was 40. Her secret was Argan oil. Right then, she knew Argan oil was the key to help her dream come true. i.e toxic-free, natural beauty products. Consequently, she founded Josie Maran Cosmetics in 2007 to help women look beautiful through eco-friendly and natural means.

Alima Pure

Alima Pure is the brainchild of Kate O’Brien, a makeup artist who once was very hesitant to allow her teenage daughter wear makeup that was known to harbor harmful ingredients. She created Alima Pure, a brand that promotes eco-friendly beauty products consisting of only cosmetic-grade ingredients and mineral pigments. As they have no fillers or additives, the risk of skin irritation or clogging of pores is effectively nullified. The pigments used in the products possess wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and provide superior sun protection. Alima Pure boasts of a whole host of makeup products meant for the cheeks, face, eyes and lips. Luminous Shimmer Shadows, Satin Matte Blushes and tinted lipbalms are one of their top-selling favorites.


Vapour Organic Beauty

Eric Sakas, Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley founded Vapour Organic Beauty which focuses on producing eco-friendly makeup products that are made from organic plant ingredients, essential oils and pure minerals. After spending many hours researching for an effective ingredient, Eric Sakas found a vapour prototype that felt very light on his skin besides replicating a youthful skin that he had never seen before. This led to founding of Vapour Organic Beauty in partnership with Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley. The brand is known for a legion of makeup products like Replenish Organic Nail & Cuticle Oils, Atmosphere Luminous Foundations, lip gloss, lip conditioners and eyeliners.