Meditation Tips: How Do I Select a Mantra?

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People have practiced meditation for thousands of years in order to push past emotional issues and stress-producing thought patterns and move into a mindful state of peace and clarity. The goal of meditation is simple: to move the mind into present moment awareness and expand consciousness by utilizing a variety of meditation techniques and traditions. Many people find that selecting a personal mantra helps them focus while they are meditating.

Why Do I Need a Mantra?

While you don’t need a mantra in order to meditate, using a mantra during meditation can help minimize distractions and suppress thoughts, while providing a tool to help reduce stress and anxiety while you’re not meditating. Depending on your personal belief system, your mantra can activate your energy center, help you feel spiritually closer to your perception of God, and assist you in getting in touch with the true nature of the universe. If you are new to meditation, you might be wondering, “What does mantra mean?” To put it simply, a mantra is a sound, syllable, word or series of words that, when repeated, aid concentration during meditation.

How Do I select a Mantra?

When choosing a mantra, consider what your inner motivations are for meditating. Your mantra should reflect your meditation goal. It may also help to choose a mantra that fits the type of meditation you want to do. For example, selecting a Sanskrit mantra would be a good choice if you plan to do Sanskrit workshops or follow the books and courses that SanskritMantra offers. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect mantra to aid in your meditation:

Choose a traditional meditation word, noise or phrase. Many people choose simple one-syllable noises such as “Om”, “Ah”, or “Mmm”.

Select a positive affirmation. We often repeat negative phrases in our heads without being fully aware of it. Fight against that by choosing a mantra that instills positive thought. If your issue is struggling with perfectionism, select a mantra such as “I commit to being myself”.

Chant a virtue you wish to develop. If you struggle with being kind to yourself or others, or have a hard time being patient, choose a mantra that addresses this. One-word mantras such as “Kindness” or “Patience” will help you cultivate that virtue in yourself.

Use technology to help. Use an app to select your mantra. iTunes offers a variety of apps that can help you choose the perfect mantra phrase or word. You can also find an app that streams a variety of mantra songs.

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