Profile: Layla & Mya Parish


Meet two sisters that are the proud creators of their own company, Suga Babes.

Like most little girls, they loved bath and body products. They loved sugar scrubs, lotions and great smelling soaps. They would use their mom’s scrubs and lotions and she would always tell the girls to “stay out of my stuff”.

They thought they should make their own stuff. So they did. And Suga Babes was born (with a little help from mom).  Suga Babes not only provide exceptional services to their clients, but also deliver a message of inspiration and motivation. The girls prove that  you are never too young to start living your dream, and are an example of what it means to step out on faith and believe that you can do anything.


The line is:

  • all natural
  • gluten free
  • uses only premium ingredients

and includes:

  • sugar scrubs
  • body creams
  • soaps
  • bath teas

Not only did Layla and Mya create a fantastic product line they also offer mobile spa parties in the Austin, Texas area. To learn more, buy products or book your appointments: