Help Abroad: 4 Ways Your Family Can Benefit Others On A Global Scale


The world becomes smaller every day, which makes it important to raise your children with global awareness. Helping people who live in other countries is a great way to instill that quality. Here are four ways that your family can work together to benefit others on a global scale.

Raise Funds for a Global Charity

Help your children put on a fundraiser and donate the money to a charity that helps others around the globe. You can choose a charity that helps children in impoverished countries get an education, a charity that delivers food aid, or a charity that builds wells or houses for people in developing countries. Bake sales, lemonade stands and car washes are popular and productive ways to raise money for charity. You can also sell t-shirts, food or specialty products.

Work for a Non-Profit Organization

A career in non-profit is a great way to benefit others. Earning a higher degree, such as a master’s degree in public administration, will help you obtain a position at a non-profit organization. You can earn an MPA online if you don’t have time for traditional classes. After working for a non-profit and learning the ropes, you may consider starting your own organization and getting your whole family involved.

Volunteer in Another Country

There are many ways to volunteer abroad, including church missionary trips, volunteer recruitment organizations and joining with a school or college group. If you always wanted to take your family to another country, volunteering abroad is an affordable way to travel and give back at the same time. Each church or organization has its own rules and requirements. Most require a fee, but some are free and many allow you the opportunity to raise the funds.

Raise Awareness of Global Issues

Creating awareness of issues in other countries is one of the most effective ways to benefit others on a global scale. Raising awareness is also inexpensive and can be done right at home. A great way to start a conversation about an issue is to choose a book that highlights the subject and host a book study at your local library.

Learning about and assisting others around the world expands your children’s horizons and helps them grow into thoughtful citizens of the world. Whether they travel abroad to build houses, sell lemonade to raise money or put together a book study to create awareness, your children will gain a higher level of maturity and understanding.