Different Countries, Different Energies


photo: flickr

Why do you feel good in some places and in other ones not at all?

Does your energy match your destination?

Have you ever experienced the feeling that some places send out magical rays and you that you would love to stay there longer?

Everything was perfect there: The food, the people, the weather, the hotel … and you just felt comfortable. Pains that you had at home just didn´t occur and you were able to recuperate. Back at home, you then tell everybody about this wonderful holiday that you can´t really capture in words or pictures, as it just wouldn’t do it justice.

On the other hand there are countries where you don´t feel good at all. Funny enough, nothing really works out for you there.

There are many logical explanations to that: cultural, economical and political conditions. Above all, climatic terms that are handled differently by every traveler, one tolerates the high temperatures better than the other while one copes better with humidity then with dry heat.

But what is the reason for that?

There is a spiritual theory based on a theory of “quantum healing”:

Everything is energy. Energy is vibration.

If you start from the principle that all that is consists of pure information (compare the film “Matrix”) :every object, every person, every animal, every country in the world has a “vibration”.

A vibration is all but a numerical code and every single number “swings” sends out it´s energy.

You can compare it with two mobile phones that communicate with each other: They communicate with frequencies as you dial a number and get hold of the desired mobile phone:

By typing in the phone number the destination phone sends out the frequency and the other mobile phone receives it and that’s why communication takes place.

Based on this theory the own body sends out vibes and the country you want to go to as well. The similar the own vibes and the ones of the host country are, the nicer and easier the stay will be. The more the vibes differentiate the more difficult the stay can be.

Now the next logical question is if you can find out what the own body vibration and the one of the destination country is. That’s where I refer to the theory “numerology” and there are a lot of books where you can calculate your own vibrations and even lists of countries and their numerology code.

From my point of view it´s not necessary to always figure out and to adjust, but it does explain some experience.

As a coach and spiritual mentor I frequently work with “quantum healing”, it doesn’t only help me in my daily business but also my clients when it is about blockades and problem solving.

It is my belief that every thought creates material and that’s how I created my dream life.

Today I pass on this knowledge to my clients so they have the courage to go forward what they probably never would have risked before. I am an expert for fast and efficient problem solving where normal methods fail. Energy does not know any limits.

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