Pet Care 101

An active lifestyle is a great way to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, when arthritis or joint injuries occur, they can severely limit a dog’s mobility. If these health issues aren’t resolved, pets will often gain excess weight, causing them additional pain and discomfort. Feeding your dog a species appropriate diet that includes vital supplements is a safe way to treat and prevent canine joint injuries. In fact, these methods may even eliminate the need for prescription medications to treat pain.

Feed a Raw Diet that Is Grain Free

Kibble may be convenient, but it certainly doesn’t have many health benefits. Most dry dog food brands contain a great deal of grain which is known to cause inflammation. Although your pet may not exhibit any symptoms initially, ingredients like wheat, rice and corn will cause inflammation and swelling over time. In addition to grains, commercial brands that contain potatoes can also aggravate arthritis and joint injuries. A raw, lean meat diet is ideal for boosting joint health and preventing many other types of common pet illnesses.

Offer Small Portions of Fruits or Vegetables

Although meat should be the main ingredient in any carnivore diet, most dogs can benefit from consuming fruits and vegetables in moderation. Unlike meat, vegetables should always be cooked first since pets have a difficult time digesting them raw. Experiment with small helpings of cooked cabbage or acorn squash to see what anti-inflammatory vegetables your pet prefers. Most dogs will readily accept fruits like apples or watermelon because of their sweet, appealing taste.

Canine Supplements Have Fewer Side Effects

Traditional veterinarians tend to use steroids or NSAIDS to treat joint injuries, but these medicines sometimes cause more harm than help. Instead, you can avoid all the unwanted health complications by giving your dog glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate supplements. Most people find these supplements easier to administer than prescription pills. EHP Products even has an all-natural glucosamine supplement that is bacon flavored, so it can be given as an everyday treat.

While arthritis is one of the most common health conditions in dogs, treating this illness safely and effectively isn’t impossible. Young dogs who consume a natural diet paired with essential supplements may even be able to completely avoid the occurrence of arthritis.